When the little café grows up…

In June 2010 we opened Elm Café, our 200 square foot café located in the heart of Edmonton's Oliver community. It was immediately and warmly embraced by Edmonton as the go-to spot for great sandwiches and coffee. Friends of the café asked me about the possibility of placing small lunch orders for office meetings. It was the fact that the product was distinctive, local and fresh that drove them to insist on bringing it to their meetings. From there, we took on a couple of bigger events, like a wedding for 200 catered entirely out of our tiny space, and a corporate Christmas party for 150 at a neighbouring fitness studio. I soon realized there was a huge demand for locally focused, innovative and approachable catering in Edmonton. So while the café continued to grow in popularity and demand, so did the catering, which saw the addition of a new catering prep space and more great staff.
Fast forward a few years, past some stretching and a whole lot of learning on the go, and we've completed over 2000 events and orders. We rely on word of mouth, we keep our heads down, and we focus on our product and service. We started Elm Café with the governing principles of quality, sustainability, stewardship and simplicity. It's these values that continually challenge us to learn, grow and serve.
In 2014, we opened District Café & Bakery, and grab-n-go café Burrow, both in Edmonton's downtown core. Because of these two, we've been able to increase and improve our services in catering, as well as add other great coffee roasters and a bounty of fresh baked goods. In 2015, we opened Little Brick, a café, general store and event space in a heritage home in the heart of Riverdale. For 2016 and beyond, we’re going to focus on furthering our stake and reputation as being the go-to caterer for you, your friends and your colleagues, so please keep spreading the word.
Nate Box