boardroom meals

We source our meat, dairy and vegetables from Alberta suppliers like Four Whistle Farms, H + W Produce, Sylvan Star and Fairwinds Farm. Fresh local produce is the cornerstone of our business and we have built strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure we have the very best seasonal menus. Our meat is roasted and our vegetables are pickled in house, sauces are made from scratch and desserts are fresh baked daily.

sandwiches & salads

We at Elm Catering like to get creative to keep things as fresh and exciting as possible. Our sandwiches and salads feature seasonal, local ingredients and vary from day to day. Please ensure any dietary and allergy restrictions are submitted so we can create a variety of delicious sandwiches to best suit your needs.

sandwiches *                                                                                                              $8 per sandwich

side salad, served family style                                                                                $4 per person

meal-size salad, served family style or individually portioned                           $8 per person
with chicken                                                                                                              $12 per person

*gluten free sandwiches available for an addition $2 per sandwich

hot lunches

All hot lunches are a minimum of 10 per menu item and served family style. Single use service ware included.
Menu is subject to change due to seasonality of products.


$15 per person- includes side salad and garlic toast

chicken stew
shredded chicken. yukon gold potato. squash. sweet corn. bell pepper. fresh herbs. (GF, LF)

roast tomato pasta
penne rigate, roast eggplant, zucchini, fennel, marinara, arugula, house ricotta,  (V)

homestead chili
beef & pork. cayenne. pinto. garbanzo. sweet corn. sour cream. green onion. (GF)

salz bratwurst

$18 per person

each order includes 1.5 brats, 2 salad portions and pickles.

bratwursts (assorted)

classic, käsekrainer and spicy hungarian

salads (pick 2)

german potato, marinated tomato or caraway slaw

pickles (assorted)

gherkins. carrots. kraut. beets. peppers.


soft pretzels w/ sweet mustard - $3.00 each

tasting boards

All boards come with toasted Portuguese waterbread.

meat & cheese board                    
$7.50 per person    
an assortment of cured meats, cold sliced roasts, cheese and vegetables.

cheese board                        
$7.50 per person
cheese served with dried fruit and nuts. (V)

dip & spread board                    
$5 per person
vegetarian dips and spreads. (V)

vegetable board                    
$5 per person
market vegetables, served raw, roasted and pickled. (VV)

vegetable platter


$4 per person
raw market vegetables with homemade dip.

V = vegetarian;  VV = vegan;  GF = gluten-free;  LF = dairy and lactose-free
PLEASE NOTE: We’re not a certified gluten-free or nut-free environment.


fresh baked baked cookies                                        $3 each
Red Balloon Pie Co. salted caramels                        $2 each


San Pellegrino sparkling soda or water                  $3 each
Earth Water bottled water                                        $3 each
Coca Cola Beverages                                                $3 each

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